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Hanes Geo Components geosynthetics are based on time-proven technology - engineered to save construction and maintenance dollars. Each product is end-use designed to aid the contractor and engineer in solving geotechnical and construction problems.

Erosion/Sediment Control

Global soil erosion destroys over 12 million acres of land each year. Nature slowly erodes itself. Human activities, such as construction clearance, greatly increase this process. The removal of vegetation exposes soil to the erosive forces of wind and water resulting in the loss of topsoil, mineral... Read More


TerraGrid geogrids are constructed of high tenacity polyester yarns and coated with polyvinyl chloride. The open mesh structure allows superior interlocking with the surrounding soil. TerraGrid’s high resistance to elongation makes it an ideal material for stabilizing bases, retaining wall, slopes, ... Read More


TerraCell is an innovative geosynthetic product made of high density polyethylene strips ultrasonically welded to form an extremely strong, honeycomb configuration. The TerraCell system and the appropriate fill material can solve a variety of engineering and construction challenges. Applications i... Read More


ScourStop is a no-maintenance post-construction BMP.
- ScourStop is a semi-rigid, high-density polyethylene plastic mat (4 ft X 4 ft X ˝ inch) designed with voids throughout the structurewhich enable vegetative growth. ScourStop is formulated with 10+ years, UV protection which colors it a dark gre... Read More

Stormwater Products

Various products to meet post construction BMP design requirments.

Drainage Composites

SHEET DRAINS Conventional aggregate drainage systems are costly and difficult to install. TerraDrain sheet drains offer a modern, cost-effective alternative. TerraDrain replaces aggregate backfill in many applications. TerraDrain sheet drains reduce hydrostatic pressure and convey ground water a... Read More

Gabions & Reno Mattresses

Gabions and Reno Mattresses offer the strength, durability, permability and flexibility needed in a constantly changing site while creating an asthetic look and feel to a functional retaining wall , channel lining, or many other engineered applications.

Landscape Fabrics

Landscape Fabrics have a variety of uses. They can be used to control weed growth, stop soil erosion, protect against frost damage and protect ponds.


Grass Seed

Whether you are looking for seeds for lawns, roadsides, slopes, landfills, sports fields, golf courses, wetlands, or even state specified projects, Hanes Geo Components can help you secure what you need. We pride ourselves in having available one of the most extensive inventories of seed available ... Read More


Sand Fence / Snow Fence

Wood Slats woven together with 2-wire strands of galvanized steel wire.

Beach Preservation “Erosion Control”
Sand Dune Restoration & Stabilization
Property Beautiἀcation & Separator
Landscaping & Property Appearance Enhancement
Controlling Sand Drifts in Construction Zones, Highways and... Read More

Credit Application

MSDS sheets

Material Safty Data Sheets

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